George Burroughs

This entry was posted on Aug 15 2011

From A Delusion of Satan, Francis Hill

Key Persons Involved, page 219

burroughs-memorial-stone “George Burroughs, noted for his physical strength despite his small stature, came to Salem Village as minister in 1680, at age twenty-eight.  He was born into a well-to-do family in Suffolk, England, but was brought up by his mother in Roxbury, Massachusetts.  Having graduated from Harvard in 1670, he preached in Falmouth, Maine, until an Indian attack in August 1676 forced him to flee to Massachusetts.  After a period as minister in Salisbury, he came to Salem Village, where he buried his second wife and married his third.  He remained in the village for less than three years, leaving after deep disagreements with Thomas Putnam and his allies.  He returned to Main but in May 1692 was brought back to Salem Village a prisoner, having been arrested for witchcraft.  His unusual strength was used against him as evidence of his complicity with the devil.”

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