Woda family visits from Nantes, France

This entry was posted on Sep 08 2010

This is a letter I received from a North Shore resident:

Hi Stacy,

Pierre, Oxana, Julie and Alice Woda This is the Woda family – Pierre, Oxana, Julie and Alice. They are from Nantes France and visiting the United States for the first time as a family. Their visit includes Boston, New York and Washington D.C. We have known them for a long time so, while they were here in Boston, we took them on a whale watch. I also told them about Salem, the Witch Trials and the Salem Witch Museum. The girls had never heard about the Witch Trials and were so interested that they talked their parents into forgoing some time in Boston to visit Salem. We took them to the Salem Witch Museum as a first stop so that they would get a good introduction to the story of the innocent victims. They all appreciated it and the girls especially liked using the French audio translation. The exhibit on the Evolving Perceptions of Witches generated some good discussion about the Wiccan religion as well. Afterwards, the Museum staff gave us instructions on how to get to the Salem Witch Memorial and the girls enjoyed looking at the old headstones. It was a great way to introduce the real story to our visitors.


Thank you, Jeanne, for sending your friends and for sharing their experience with us.

The Salem Witch Museum offers the main presentation translated into the following languages:

Cantonese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish.

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