Made in Witch City, USA

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by:  Kevin Frasca

When you travel, is it the typical souvenir mug, shot glass, or keychain you search for to add to your collection back home, or an original item that can only be found at the exact location you visit?  Whatever your answer is, you can find what you’re looking for in the Salem Witch Museum gift shop.  The shop has anything you could imagine, from souvenir collectibles, to unique gift items, to Halloween decorations, but if it’s originality you desire, the Salem Witch Museum has the shop for you.

Local artisan and Salem resident David Mullin creates several hand-crafted items that make great souvenirs to commemorate your visit to Salem, Massachusetts.  Each piece has a special meaning and a special use while still tying in to Salem’s “witchy” motif.  Here are descriptions of some of these great finds.

witch bottle Salem Witch Bottle

Witch bottles have been found inside the chimneys of old European houses.  Their purpose is to protect the house against the evil spirits and dark magick that could bring with them plagues and other misfortunes.  Inside the bottles are items that are believed by those who know folk magick to repel or entrap these home intruders.  The contents of the bottles vary from region to region.  The exact ingredients of Salem’s bottle include a rusted iron nail, local soil, and some spices.  The bottle also contains the Domus-Defendio charm, which is written on the package if you would like to make certain the charm works.  The package contains more detailed information about the ingredients.  One warning: do not open the bottle, and be careful not to break it; for this spends its magick and releases anything that had been trapped inside!

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Shroud of Mystery at the Salem Witch Museum

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  SWM with scaffold and netting “Preserve the past, save the future,” is the motto for the Mississippi Stone Guild whose president, Michael Drummond Davidson, has been working to conserve the facade of the Salem Witch Museum since the Spring of this year.  The time has come to confront the challenge of preserving the historic exterior of a building which has become a prominent landmark in Salem. Read more »