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Salem Witch Museum

Twenty innocent people were put to death during the Witch Hysteria of 1692.
History made them famous... we make them real!

Salem Witch Museum News

Salem Witch Museum Named One of Massachusetts' Top 5 Group Attractions

In the 2015 American Bus Association's (ABA) Motor Coach Marketer the Salem Witch Museum was named one of Massachusetts' top 5 group attractions.  ABA's Marketer is the official guide for the motor coach and travel industry. Did your favorites make the list?


  • The Freedom Trail
  • Whale Watches
  • Salem Witch Museum
  • Six Flags New England
  • Yankee Candle


  • Boston/Cambridge & Greater Boston 
  • Plymouth & Cape Cod 
  • Berkshire County 
  • Greater Springfield 
  • Salem & the North Shore


  • Cape Cod Maritime Days, Cape Cod, May
  • North End Festivals, Boston, July - August
  • Tanglewood Jazz Festival, September
  • Working Waterfront Festival, New Bedford, September
  • Eastern States Exposition/The Big E, West Springfield, October
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Witch Trials Weekly:  March 1692

Witch Trials Weekly: Video 8, March 4 through March 10th A New Specter, Confessions, and Chains

Witch Trials Weekly: Video 9, March 11th through March 17th Ann Putnam, Jr. Names Martha Corey and Rebecca Nurse 


Witch Trials Weekly: Video 10, March 18th through March 24th Martha, Rebecca, and the Little Girl

Witch Trials Weekly: Video 11, March 25th through March 31st Doubts of Affliction

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