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Boyer, Paul and Nissenbaum, Stephen.  Salem Possessed.
Demos, John.  Entertaining Satan.
Hall, David.  Witch Hunting in 17th Century New England
Hansen, Chadwick. Witchcraft in Salem. Hill, Frances.  A Delusion of Satan. Hill, Frances.  The Salem Witch Trials Reader. Hoffer, Peter Charles.  The Salem Witch Trials, A Legal History. Karlsen, Carol.  The Devil in the Shape of a Woman. Mappen, Marc.  Witches and Historians. Norton, Mary Beth.  In The Devil’s Snare. Richardson, Katherine.  The Salem Witch Trials. Roach, Marilynne. The Salem Witch Trials, A Day by Day Chronicle. Robinson, Enders.  The Devil Discovered. Rosenthal, Bernard.   Salem Story. Starkey, Marion.  The Devil in Massachusetts.

Rosenthal, Bernard, ed.  Records of the Salem Witch-Hunt Boyer, Paul and Nissenbaum, Stephen.  Salem Village Witchcraft. Trask, Richard, ed.  The Devil Hath Been Raised.

<a href="></a>Breslaw, Elaine.  <em>Tituba, Reluctant Witch of Salem.</em> Demos, John.  <em>The Enemy Within</em> Hill, Frances.  <em>Hunting for Witches, A Visitor’s Guide. </em> Miller, Arthur.  <em>The Crucible. </em> Tapley, Charles.  <em>Rebecca Nurse, Saint but Witch Victim.</em> Roach, Marilynne.  <em>Gallows and Graves.</em> Russell, Jeffrey.  <em>A History of Witchcraft. </em> Weisman, Richard<em>.  Witchcraft, Magic and Religion in</em> <em> 17th Century New England.</em></p> <p><a data-cke-saved-href=" http:="""" title=" href=" 103"="">Aronson, Marc.  Witch-Hunt (young adult) Duble,Kathleen. The Sacrifice (grades 5-8) Jackson, Shirley.  The Witchcraft of Salem Village (grades 5-6) Rinaldi, Ann.  A Break with Charity. Fiction (grades 6-8) Stern, Steven.  Witchcraft in Salem . (grades 4-6) Yolen, Jane. The Salem Witch Trials, An Unsolved Mystery

A Map of Salem Village & Vicinity in 1692/a>” This map shows Salem Village, primary location of the Salem witch trials history, as it looked in 1692.  Sites of houses and public buildings are noted.  The map is drawn by Marilynne Roach, a Salem witch trials expert.<

Three Sovereigns for Sarah” A partly fictional account of the trials focusing on the three Towne sisters, two of whom were hanged.  The production was filmed at locations connected with the trials.        2 1/2 hrs “Days of Judgment:  The Salem Witch Trials of 1692” A film designed for school and home viewing that answers many of the questions raised by the trials.                    1 hour “The Crucible” The 1995 film version of Arthur Miller’s play.  Screen play by the author. Filmed on location in Essex County.                            2 hours

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January 2013 Hours

We're open year-round.  But even we need to close the doors for a few days while we paint and clean carpets.  Here's a list of our January hours:
Tuesday           1/1/13              Closed – New Year’s Day Wednesday      1/2/13             Open 10am – 5pm Thursday          1/3/13             Open 10am – 5pm Friday              1/4/13               Open 10am – 5pm Saturday           1/5/13             Open 10am – 5pm Sunday             1/6/13              Open 10am – 5pm Monday           1/7/13              Closed for Annual Spruce-up Tuesday           1/8/13               Closed for Annual Spruce-up Wednesday      1/9/13              Closed for Annual Spruce-up Thursday          1/10/13           Closed for Annual Spruce-up Friday              1/11/13              Closed for Annual Spruce-up Saturday           1/12/13            Open 10am – 5pm Sunday              1/13/13            Open 10am – 5pm Monday           1/14/13            Closed for Annual Spruce-up Tuesday           1/15/13            Closed for Annual Spruce-up Wednesday      1/16/13            Closed for Annual Spruce-up Thursday          1/17/13            Closed for Annual Spruce-up Friday              1/18/13               Open 10am – 5pm Saturday           1/19/13            Open 10am – 5pm Sunday              1/20/13            Open 10am – 5pm Monday           1/21/13            Open 10am – 5pm Tuesday           1/22/13            Open 10am – 5pm Wednesday      1/23/13            Open 10am – 5pm Thursday          1/24/13            Open 10am – 5pm Friday              1/25/13            Open 10am – 5pm Saturday           1/26/13            Open 10am – 5pm Sunday               1/27/13            Open 10am – 5pm Open daily 10am – 5pm
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