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Sail the Schooner Fame

[singlepic id=62 h=250 w=250 float=left] Everyone knows there is more to Salem than the witch trials of 1692.  A rich maritime history helped establish our town as an early hub of the New World.  We're fotunate that we can experience a taste of that storied past in many ways including a sail aboard the Schooner Fame. A replica of an 1812 wooden Chebacco schooner, Fame departs from Pickering Wharf Marina for cruises of historic Salem Sound at 2:00, 4:00 and 6:00 pm daily from Memorial Day through Halloween.  Aboard this beautiful vessel exploring the local harbor and beyond you’ll hear about her role in Salem’s fishing and privateering history.  It’s an informative and fun adventure for kids and grandparents, families and couples, landlubbers and salty dogs.  You can even volunteer to help hoist her stately sails. Receive $3 off your Schooner Fame tour when you present your Salem Witch Museum sticker.  Refreshments and additional merchandise are available on board.

For more information:

Website -   Schooner Fame

Phone -  (978) 729-7600

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Bridget Bishop as performed by Jenney Dale

[singlepic id=60 h=200 w=200 float=right]On the 319th anniversary of the hanging of Bridget Bishop we approached learning more about her story in a few unique ways.  We spoke with Jenney Dale, the actor who portrays the first executed Salem witch trial victim in the History Alive! theatrical production of Cry Innocent. We asked Ms. Dale what most captivated her about playing Bridget Bishop.  “She was stubborn.  I could identify with her outspoken nature, not wanting to go along with others’ definitions of how a person should act."  In some ways we still experience that today, but we have it so much easier than they did in 1692.”  Being an outspoken woman certainly made her all the more suspect of being a witch, having endured years of town talk about her independent spirit. Cry Innocent calls their audience to sit on the Puritan jury, hearing the reenacted historical testimonies from the pre-trial examinations, cross-examining the witnesses, and finally passing judgment themselves.  Ms. Dale admits that sometimes the verdict is surprising.  “It’s hard to tell which way they’ll go.  But, I really want people to see the events through the eyes of Puritans,” so they can understand why the proceedings went as they did. For more information about Cry Innocent, please click here or call their box office at:  978-867-4767
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